Meet the teams of the NMA Batch 12

NMA Batch 12 Teams. Grafik: Benjamin Eckert

The future is now: acceleration and investing into promising teams to foster digital transformation is more important than ever. The next media accelerator (NMA) welcomes four innovation-driven startups into its acceleration program: Hype1000, Medieninsider, Scriptbakery and WhoCanShoot.

As always in the NMA…

A tool that helps video creators to collect footage from all over the world. And to share it instantly. How does that sound in times of Corona? Well, that’s what Klipworks is made for. Asger Rasmussen is one of the co-founders of the startup that is part of our batch…

Our last event before the Coronavirus hit us all: The live-recording of episode #1 of the NMA FIRESIDE CHAT. Back then in March, it was our first attempt at podcasting: An intimate live-atmosphere with a room full of attentive listeners. Podcast-Pro Vincent Kittmann made a great premiere guest and die-hard…

We talked to Anna Juliana Jaenner, TV professional, an expert in online marketing and showrunner of Germany’s first soap opera for Instagram and TikTok: Hashtag Daily.

Hey Anna Juliana, how does your desk look like after weeks of working at the home office?

I don’t have a desk. Actually right…

The NMA Media Match is a matchmaking event specially tailored to the needs of the media industry. The highly curated pool of founders, media executives, investors and media entrepreneurs from almost all over the globe get the chance to connect. Make sure to save the date for

May 13th 2020.

Five successful editions have been held already — three in Hamburg and two in New York City. Now we have a third place on the list: The Virtual Space!

For the first time in NMA history, the popular matchmaking format NMA Media Match will be held fully virtual. #VirtualMediaMatch

The individual sessions will be conducted via Video Calls which last 20 minutes each. The event starts at 2 pm CEST and lasts until 6 pm CEST.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Find out more and sign up here.

Vanessa Naumann is the co-founder of Followistic, a NMA-startup which helps publishers to reconnect with their audience. Vanessa told us which cool features they’ve packed into their engagement toolset and why we need to have trust in order to innovate.

Hey Vanessa, what is your home office status?

For me…

#innovation #media #adrev #revenue #paywall #monetization #ad

During these challenging times publishers, media houses and companies alike have to fight the loss of ad revenue. Optimization and timing is key. …

#influencer #entertainment #video #social #marketing

How much time do you spend on social media on a daily basis checking the news, watching short videos, consuming bits of entertainment or getting distracted by memes?

More than 2 billion people around the world are using social media, which means that every company willing to have a loyal…

#innovation #media #engagement #startups

229.000.000 hits for “reader engagement” on Google — the buzzword is all over the internet. Various hacks, strategies and tons of advice are out there already — yet still it is no one way street, there is no “one size fits all” approach to it. …

#startup #media #entertainment #tech #innovation

In tough times of quarantine, social distancing and anxiety generated by the news, we can be thankful for all the entertainment options available, which provides us relief and brings us some lightness to the daily routine.

At NMA, we also believe in the powerful alliance…

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